Cleanroom Construction
• Wall and ceiling panels in a myriad of cores and facings
• Doors in sliding and hinged, fully glazed or half glazed manual or automatic, fully sealed or semi sealed
• Glazing in double or single flush, inactinic, internal blinds, half glazed partitions
• Compact cleanroom lighting fixtures IP65 with 2 * 55 Watts or 2 * 80 Watts
• Passthroughs, glazed or non glazed, interlocked mechanically or electronically, decontamination cycles, forced ventilation etc.  

Cleanroom Furniture
• All in electrochemically polished stainless steel
• Gown and degown furniture
• Step over and swing over benches
• Glove, hair net dispensers
• Gown dispensers
• Work benches perforated, rod or solid
• Casework furniture  

Inflatable Gasket Doors and Passthroughs
• Epoxy coated steel or stainless steel leaf and frame
• Decontamination cycles for airlocks
• Sliding door variant (patented)
• Perfectly airtight to 500pa
• Leakage rates verified by third party testing authority

Cleanroom Sliding Doors
• Manual or automatic
• Fully glazed
• Double or single flush
• Hermetic or semi-sealed
• Leakage rates verified by third party testing authority
• Interlock systems